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A Guide To Moving Your Bakery To A New Location!

Your small bakery is now getting more customers and you want to move it to a new and better place. Relocation is a multi-step process and it is not just done without proper planning. You might lose your customers if you do it in an inappropriate way.

Just do it step by step so it can be done smoothly. Assign the tasks to your employees and divide the workload among them. Make sure it doesn’t take much of your time as it is not good to keep your customers waiting.

A Guide To Moving Your Bakery To A New Location!

A Guide To Moving Your Bakery To A New Location!

Consider the guide discussed below to have a less stressful and successful move:

Create a Timeline:

This is the first step where you would map out all the essential stages of your move. Set the schedule for each stage and discuss that schedule with every team member so they are present at every step of the move. Do an analysis of the time you would need to set up a new bakery. If you are moving from a small sized bakery to the medium one, it might take more than three months. It is always better to start as early as possible.

Design the New Place:

Keep all the information on the new place handy. What matters here is to get the best out of that place and it all depends on how you design the space. You should have blueprints of the space so you can see how thing are going to work out such as electrical outlets and storage space. Start designing, keeping the layout in front of your eyes. Moreover, keep an eye on the potential problems so you don’t face any when you have moved already.

Build Your Moving Team:

Obviously, you are not doing everything on your own. You require a team and build that team. You can hire people for particular tasks. It is great if you already have a team of employees. However, figure out your needs and see if you need someone other than your employees. Don’t forget to discuss points with your team. The team member would help you identify problems and their solutions.

Conduct meetings and assign tasks:

Get together every now and then and discuss the progress. Every team member should have a list of assigned task to be completed so nothing is missed out. The work should not stop at any point of the move.

Hire movers:

Here we are talking about a moving company just like Umzugs. It is a Switzerland-based moving company that has been in the business for 10 years. If you are running your bakery in Luzern, this is the best company you can avail services of. They also provide storage services. You got your stuff moving but you now have a sudden change in plan and you don’t know where to get your belongings dropped, there is nothing to worry if you are working with Umzugs. Their storerooms have gotten you covered.

They are a team of professionals who would make your move totally stress-free. All you need is to send them a request and they will call you. They would also provide a free quote. You might be expecting a high price for such amazing services, but they are offering flexible pricing. Just tell them what and when you want. Things would be done on a reasonable price. The location of Umzugs- und Lagerservice in Luzern is also easy to find. They have contact information on their website as well. You must contact them for the best move.…

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Tips on How to Deliver Cake Safely

You have worked hard in order to make each and every cake that you sell. From planning, designing, and making your cake, you have slaved hard enough that you feel happy every time people are happy with what you have created. All of these things are important but there is still one step that you have to take – you need to make sure that your cake will be delivered safely to those who have ordered it.

How are you going to deliver your cake properly? It can be tricky especially if it is your first time. Think about it as something similar to hiring a Toronto Moving Company. As much as possible, you want to hire a company who will be able to provide the services that are similar to your own. This means that if you are very particular about the quality of your cakes, you need to look for a delivery company that is also very particular about the quality of their delivery services.

Tips on How to Deliver Cake Safely

Tips on How to Deliver Cake Safely

These are other tips to follow to make sure that your cake will be delivered safely:

  • Ask for a delivery charge. Since you are going to hire a separate company to deliver the cake for you, it is only fitting that you are going to charge for the services that you are going to get. Deliveries cost a lot of time, money, and effort. If all of these things will be given for free, then the quality might suffer. The small delivery charge will go a long way.
  • Make sure that the structure of your cake will be able to withstand delivery. You cannot control the type of design that your client would like but you can always make an effort to make the base more secure. This is something that you have to learn but the moment that you are an expert in doing it, it will not be too complicated to do anymore.
  • Always have an emergency kit for repairing the cake just in case. There will be moments when no matter how careful the delivery guy is, there are still some things that you need to retouch so your cake will look great. The emergency kit will come in handy each time. This is better than getting negative reviews for the cakes that you have worked so hard to do.
  • You need to plan the delivery. It will help if you would coordinate with the delivery company regarding the place where the cake will be delivered, the time when the cake needs to be delivered, and all of the other details that will ensure that the process will go on smoothly.
  • Find an emergency contact person who can deliver the cake for you if the company you have hired cannot deliver. This emergency contact person may be someone that you trust who has the right wheels in order to bring the cake to the client.

With all of these tips in mind, you will be able to deliver your cakes with ease. Are you ready to get into this type of business?…

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