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Do’s and don’ts of a cake shop gig

Whether you’re a guitarist looking to entertain some folks, or a trumpet player trying to make a name for himself, every musician has had to deal with gigs at restaurants, cafes, bakeries and cake shops at one point in time. Gigs are an amazing experience to build up your experience, connections, and training. That said, many beginners tend to be nervous before their first gig. For those inexperienced musicians, here’s a list of simple do’s and don’ts to remember before a cake shop gig:

Do’s and don’ts of a cake shop gig

Do’s and don’ts of a cake shop gig


  • Create a setlist. You should have a list of the songs to play that is organized according to duration and order to make setup easier.
  • Grab the audience’s attention. It’s pretty obvious that you should open with a banger that makes the most audience impact.
  • Take some water with you onstage. You’ll be surprised by how dry your throat can get when you start your gig onstage, so make sure to have a water bottle with you.
  • Know that things may go wrong. Be ready for any worst-case scenario. Maybe keep an instrumental piece on hand that other musicians can play to make up for lost time during any mechanical or instrumental setbacks.
  • Look the audience in the eye. Your music isn’t the only thing people are interested in. If need be, signal to the mechanics and engineers mid-gig if you feel something isn’t right, so that they can fix the issue immediately, like if the trumpet isn’t playing over the speakers properly.


  • Use the wrong instrument. This may seem like a basic tip to remember, but a lot of beginner musicians tend to take the wrong advice before gigs and use new instruments they’ve never played before. This rule is especially important for trumpet players, who require trumpets of the right size, build and use. One of the trumpets I would recommend is the jupiter 1100s intermediate bb trumpet. As a beginner, you’ll want to ensure you have a trumpet that works just as well as this to keep up your confidence before the gig. The Jupiter 1100S is also durable and well-built for long drives cross-country if your bakery gig is a little way over. You can easily find this trumpet anywhere on a number of online retail stores. The ideal seller through whom you can easily buy the product is using Amazon. Here the price starts just below $1,200, inclusive of free shipping. However, the one feature that stands out with this trumpet is the accident protection. This allows you to undertake easy, setups, use, maintenance and replacements without any fuss. The Jupiter Intermediate Bb Trumpet is the ideal instrument for any beginner or experience trumpet player ready for their next rehearsal or gig.
  • Forget to announce your name between each song. As a beginner, you’re relatively new to the music scene. You’ll have to make people remember you by hammering your name into their heads.
  • Allow long pauses during a set. If your crew or the mechanics are taking time setting up before or during the gig, try and lighten the mood by communicating with the audience. Maybe crack a joke here and there. You’ll have the audience ready to be entertained.
  • Take too long to pack up your equipment. If you’re a support act, chances are that the next band will want to start setting up as soon as possible. So, get ready in time and keep the audience interested. You’ll have plenty of time to have some drinks and chat up with fans in the audience backstage. Pack up and move on!
  • Be Shy. Confidence is key. Leave your shy disposition at home, and entertain the audience with your talent!
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How To Dress Up for Your Cake Shop

Decorating cakes isn’t the only thing you should be worried about when working in a bakery or cake shop. Part of the aesthetic of any shop is the employees. Welcoming customers with cheery, glowing faces can be very effective in attracting good business, and you’ll have repeat customers wanting more than just your cakes.

That being said, maybe you’re not all that sure about how to glam up for the bakery. Don’t worry, though. We’ve listed down the basic things you need to get ready for your bakery job so that you’ll be dressed up in no time!

How To Dress Up for Your Cake Shop

How To Dress Up for Your Cake Shop

  1. Always moisturize

The secret to a fresh face is always using moisturizer. Rinsing your face and then applying a light layer of decent moisturizer can make all the difference between a dull morning face and a fresh welcoming expression. If you’re someone that doesn’t rely on heavy makeup, you can even skip the foundation and go for a tinted moisturizer instead. If your bakery is in a sunny area, a moisturizing sunscreen can also help.

  1. Get the right makeup mirror

Before you get all excited about doing the perfect makeup look, you’ll need the right tools. A good makeup mirror can help you find each and every imperfection that you need to work on, as well as give you a better view of every pore and aspect of your face for a better understanding of what makeup looks you should go for.

Dream Makeup Mirror is an online blog site that elaborates on all types of makeup mirrors so you have a clearer picture of what you’re looking for. The site provides a detailed buyer guide that lists the important features like price, size, design, color, material, magnification, LED lighting and power supply. The blog also makes it easier for you to find specific products and brands by listing some of the best makeup mirrors out on the market, including:

  • The Magnifying Lighted – Daisi Makeup Mirror
  • The HL65N Jerdon Lighted Wall Mount 8-Inch Makeup Mirror
  • The Fancii Magnifying 10X Lighted Makeup Mirror
  • The Oval Shaped Conair – Double-Sided Makeup Mirror
  1. Choose the right foundation

Baking is a lot of work. You’ll definitely be breaking a sweat working in the kitchen and decorating those cakes perfectly. That’s why it’s better to go for a long-lasting full coverage foundation that manages to give you a clean fresh look while making sure you don’t make a mess of yourself with all the sweat.

  1. Go for a minimal eye look

Since you’re not really going for too much glam and you’re solely focused on being presentable, you can definitely take it easy on the eyeshadow. A simple nude or brown hue with a minimal eyeliner application can be more than enough to give you that pop without going overboard. Plus you won’t have to worry about smudging your eyes during all that baking!

  1. It’s all in the smile, so look for the right lip shade

A smile can do wonders for any business. When you’re greeting customers, you’ll want a fresh vibrant color for your lips to accentuate your smile and give a friendly welcoming vibe. Pinks and nudes are great for a cute bakery look, and also minimal enough to keep a natural glow.

With all these makeup essentials, you’re now more than ready to start baking some cakes!…

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How To Make Your Cake Shop A Success

There is very high competition in almost everything. In order to be ahead of your competitor you have to go the extra mile in everything. That means that you have to be strategic in everything that you do. In as much as the products that you make are mostly the ones that will sell you, the marketing of a business is the backbone for the success of a business. Some of the ways that you can make your cake business to be a success include:

How To Make Your Cake Shop A Success

How To Make Your Cake Shop A Success

Make the best cakes

Most business thrive and get more customers because of word of mouth. People trust more where they have been referred by others. If they had a good experience then you are also likely to get a good experience and vice versa. It is therefore important to make an impression by making the best cakes possible. You can create an edge by customizing and playing around with your recipes so that whatever you have cannot be found in other shops. You can also play around with the names and have creative names for the products.


Branding is a very strong marketing strategy that can make your business a big success and take you ahead of your competitors. There are many ways in which you can brand your business but the first should be the look of your business. It should be appealing and with the right colors and furniture as well as staff look. Looks go a long way more than people estimate it to be. Yu should choose the right colors and everything. Luckily there are branding experts who are specialized in that and will make sure that your business is a success.

Digital marketing

In the current age it is impossible to ignore digital marketing. There is social media which is a great avenue for finding the appropriate customers. You will therefore need to create engaging pages on the different social media platforms and do the due diligence to engage the right prospective. In some cases, you may have to pay in order to advertise the pages so that you may get prospective customers more easily. Another thing that you need is a killer website and that is not enough. Have the right content then advertise it so that you can get traffic to your site. In that case you will need SEO which means that You will need a SEO agency such as advertising agency Kranu Oy to do the work for you. SEO will make sure that your site has good search engine rankings hence will lead to more customers leading to a high ROI. It is also more cost effective as opposed to traditional advertising measures. You will also be able to track the performance of the websites hence help you do proper goal setting and strategizing.

Customer service

In every business, customer is king and hence a customer should be treated in the best way possible so that they can give a good referral out there.…

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How to Choose The Right Pavement Contractor for Your Cake Shop

There are many things that determine the success of your cake shop and one of the things is its image. Image is everything. It is therefore important that you give a lot of concentration on its image in as much as the quality of your work is important. To maintain a good image, you will have to do repairs to your asphalt paving from time to time to make sure that you are par as far as standards are concerned. Some of the factors to keep in mind include:

How to Choose The Right Pavement Contractor for Your Cake Shop

How to Choose The Right Pavement Contractor for Your Cake Shop

Credentials of the contractor

Before choosing a contractor, you should first look at his credentials to know how qualified they are to do what they are doing. When looking at the credentials you should check their qualifications such as their studies, their license, their membership in the relevant bodies etc. The internet has made it so easy and another alternative would be to approach the company of internet and ask them for their credentials. No one would want to contract someone they are not sure of their credentials as it is both a waste of time and money.

Quality of work

As much as quality of work differs from an individual to another, you should get the quality that best satisfies you. The quality of the work of the contract will not only be determined by the quality of materials used but by also the techniques of the contractor. You can confirm the quality of work by asking the kind of materials used and asking the contractor for referrals of the work they have done before.


The kind of reviews that you will get about the contractor will give you a glimpse of what to expect from the contractor. If there are many positive reviews it will basically mean that you can expect a positive result from the contractor. It’s therefore to check out the reviews of the contractor which you can get from site such as Yelp, or from the contractors website as well as Google. Another option would be asking for referrals from the contractor of the work they have done before.


The more the experience the contractor has the better. More experience basically means that they have done the work repeatedly and thus they are more likely to do it well. With more experience they have probably learn more tricks and skills that those who don’t have a lot of experience don’t have. It is therefore important to check the kind of experience the contractor has.


Contractors have different charges depending on many factors. Some of the factors may include the type of materials used and the amount of work done among many other factors. In some cases a company may charge more because it is a stronger brand. It is important to understand how exactly the company does its pricing so that you get value for your money and also avoid any hidden costs.…

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