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A Guide To Moving Your Bakery To A New Location!

Your small bakery is now getting more customers and you want to move it to a new and better place. Relocation is a multi-step process and it is not just done without proper planning. You might lose your customers if you do it in an inappropriate way.

Just do it step by step so it can be done smoothly. Assign the tasks to your employees and divide the workload among them. Make sure it doesn’t take much of your time as it is not good to keep your customers waiting.

A Guide To Moving Your Bakery To A New Location!

A Guide To Moving Your Bakery To A New Location!

Consider the guide discussed below to have a less stressful and successful move:

Create a Timeline:

This is the first step where you would map out all the essential stages of your move. Set the schedule for each stage and discuss that schedule with every team member so they are present at every step of the move. Do an analysis of the time you would need to set up a new bakery. If you are moving from a small sized bakery to the medium one, it might take more than three months. It is always better to start as early as possible.

Design the New Place:

Keep all the information on the new place handy. What matters here is to get the best out of that place and it all depends on how you design the space. You should have blueprints of the space so you can see how thing are going to work out such as electrical outlets and storage space. Start designing, keeping the layout in front of your eyes. Moreover, keep an eye on the potential problems so you don’t face any when you have moved already.

Build Your Moving Team:

Obviously, you are not doing everything on your own. You require a team and build that team. You can hire people for particular tasks. It is great if you already have a team of employees. However, figure out your needs and see if you need someone other than your employees. Don’t forget to discuss points with your team. The team member would help you identify problems and their solutions.

Conduct meetings and assign tasks:

Get together every now and then and discuss the progress. Every team member should have a list of assigned task to be completed so nothing is missed out. The work should not stop at any point of the move.

Hire movers:

Here we are talking about a moving company just like Umzugs. It is a Switzerland-based moving company that has been in the business for 10 years. If you are running your bakery in Luzern, this is the best company you can avail services of. They also provide storage services. You got your stuff moving but you now have a sudden change in plan and you don’t know where to get your belongings dropped, there is nothing to worry if you are working with Umzugs. Their storerooms have gotten you covered.

They are a team of professionals who would make your move totally stress-free. All you need is to send them a request and they will call you. They would also provide a free quote. You might be expecting a high price for such amazing services, but they are offering flexible pricing. Just tell them what and when you want. Things would be done on a reasonable price. The location of Umzugs- und Lagerservice in Luzern is also easy to find. They have contact information on their website as well. You must contact them for the best move.…

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Why You Need an Air Purifier in Your Bakery

Running a baking business is hard work. Not only do you have to focus on providing great baking products that show consistent taste, décor, and quality, but you’re also expected to set up a comfortable work and café environment for both your customers and workers to set up a successful business. If you’re looking to keep everyone healthy and happy in your bakery, an air purifier is your best bet.

Why You Need an Air Purifier in Your Bakery

Why You Need an Air Purifier in Your Bakery

Air purifies make breathing more comfortable indoors. Not only that, but there are quite a few unknown benefits that you can gain as well. Putting an air purifier in your bakery can significantly better your work environment for both commercial, comfort and baking benefits. These include:

Removing Odors

You can’t see smells, but they can be a huge problem for any commercial business, even a bakery. Smoke, cooking or baking mishaps, chemicals, burning — all these various types of odors can effectively ruin the ambiance of your bakery and make an unpleasant experience for customers and workers. If you have problems with odors in or around your bakery, an air purifier can help you.

Getting rid of bacteria

Let’s face it, you’re never safe from germs. That being said, because of the physical work and close work proximity that goes into a bakery experience, there are higher chances of spreading bacteria for your employees as well as the customers. An air purifier can eliminate almost all the airborne germs and particles in your bakery for a healthier work environment.

Preventing mold and mildew

Nothing’s attractive about mold or mildew in any setting. In fact, these are usually signed that you have humidity and airflow problems in your bakery. A purifier can help improve your indoor space by avoiding mold and mildew formation, as well as the spread of spores in the air.

Relieving Allergies

Bakeries spread different products like flour, chemical powders or other dust particles that could be allergenic for some people. A purifier can trap and remove these particles to avoid such allergies.

overall productivity

Reduced health risks and more comfortable working conditions for your employee means that you will have to deal with less sick days and better work output. Your bakers, vendors, and clients will all essentially feel much better and healthier in a space with fresh and clean air. The better the productivity, the better the income.

Choosing the right purifier

Now that you know the benefits of an air purifier for your bakery, it’s time to get into the right purifier choice. The Coway AP-1512HH is an air purifier that provides any business the benefit of experiencing good, clean and fresh air to breathe during all times of the day as well as at night. This way, you’ll be making your bakery a comfortable space for everyone, including the clients and employees.

Just like other air purifiers, the Coway AP-1512HH is built with the basic function of removing any and all allergens or other unhealthy particles in the air. It’s quite shocking when you finally see all of the gunk that this air purifier gets rid of from your workspace in just a matter of hours since there are so many microscopic elements that you might be breathing in without even knowing it.

The air purifier also helps you remove any unwanted or unpleasant odors in your workplace, especially if your bakery involves baking at extreme temperatures or working on special orders that involve chemicals or burning. Honestly, the Coway AP-1512HH is useful to have for use if you plan on maintaining a safe, clean and comfortable bakery for the best customer and worker experience.…

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How To Start Your Own Bakery

Baking is a talent only a few possess, and making a successful business out of such a passion is something very few get to pursue, either because of a lack of knowledge of how to start up the business, or a fear of handling a new business all on your own. Regardless of the situation, you should know that having the passion and talent is more than enough to start your very own successful bakery. Once you focus on the points listed out in this guide, you should be able to open your own bakery in no time:

How To Start Your Own Bakery

How To Start Your Own Bakery

Make a plan

The first thing you should focus on is planning. What bakery do you see yourself running? What are the working hours looking like? What are your prices and rates going to be? Can you afford the things you need for your bakery? You’ll have to target all these points through good planning.

Decide on the kind of bakery you want to work with, whether it’s for cakes, cupcakes, bread etc. This helps you plan out the timings and budget for your bakery, depending on the kind of items you’re serving. If you plan to make custom items, you can have them sent within 3-5 working days. Serving bakery items on the spot will involve more kitchen work and hence a longer run bakery.

Furthermore, the kind of items you are selling helps choose the theme and color setting of your bakery. Cakes and cupcakes call for a vibrant and elegant bakery that invited clients. Bread and sandwiches call for a more homely setting where customers can sit and relax.

Get the right equipment

Once you have analyzed and planned your baking needs and budget, you can start getting things ready for the bakery. Buy the proper baking equipment that is standard for any bakery in your area. Choose from different types of items, like gas or electric ovens, hand or electric mixers etc.

Make sure to research and evaluate different materials of all the cutlery and dishes you’ll be using, whether they’re metal, glass or plastic so that you can see whether you can afford them and if they suit your baking style. You should also get other basic kitchen equipment of good quality, such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, stoves etc. All your equipment should be updated and properly work.

Find the perfect location

Finally, once you have your plans and equipment on hand, you need to find the right place to set everything up for your bakery. The bakery should be spacious and equipped with proper sanitation and ventilation facilities, all within an affordable range.

Sugar Wharf Condominiums offer you the perfect place to set up your bakery. These condominiums are part of a huge metropolitan project involving the construction of fine-looking condo towers by Menkes Developments Ltd. within the heart of the city of Toronto. Choose from a number of large luxury condos available for residential, rental and commercial purposes, with the most up-to-date designs and facilities.

You can benefit from the indoor facilities in the condominium towers like gyms, rooftops, and pools, as well as enjoy the scenic view around the areas with the different gardens and public spaces. Being constructed in on of Toronto’s busiest intersections also gives you the advantage of a large number of passerby’s and commuters who can come and go from your bakery all day, every day, along with the numerous residents within the condos and surrounding area as well.

If you are looking for great views, good crowd numbers, amazing facilities and brilliant designs, all within an affordable registration fee of about $400,000, then look no further. Take advantage of the metro hub that is Toronto by getting yourself a lovely condo to set up your own bakery business today!…

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