The Best Toys for Your Shops Kiddies Area

Do you have your own bakery or cake shop?  Can your guests sit down for a bite to eat and a tasty beverage? Then you absolutely need to make space for kids play area.  It is incredibly hard for parents to take a break from shopping or while they are visiting your store with little ones running about the shop.  Kids have a tendency to annoy other guests and parents tend to avoid businesses that don’t give them a way to keep little ones busy while they sit down for a bit.

If you are setting up an indoor play area then it is best to invest in toys that will keep little ones busy for as long as possible.  Here are the best toys to choose for your children’s play area;

Magnetic Building Blocks

We are all familiar with all popular building blocks such as Lego and Oxford but these are not the best blocks for all types of kids.  Tiny children often have a tough time at assembling these blocks and they find it just about impossible to break blocks apart.  Magnetic building blocks are much easier to use and will certainly keep little ones busy just as long as other types of blocks will.  On the smart consumer, you can check out the best building block sets to get for your play area.

TV Set

A TV set with a few Disney movies is also a great way to keep little ones quiet and content.  This is an absolute must-have if you are limited on space or if there is no way you can create a jungle gym inside.

Table and Chairs

You definitely need to get at least one plastic table with some chairs so little ones can sit down comfortably for drawing and quiet play.

Soft Play Blocks

Soft pay blocks are terrific for small children and toddlers.  They can use these play blocks to build forts, sit down or to simply get comfortable.

Fidget Board

You can choose to buy a fidget board or build one yourself. These boards contain lots of interesting things such as switches, lights, knobs, numbers, letters, mirrors, springs and other things that can be turned, switched or observed in order to keep your little one busy.


Children love to draw and a big chalkboard or even a chalk wall is one of the most affordable play activities to implement in your play area.


Dollhouses are great for imaginary play and will keep little girls and boys busy for a very long time, especially if you invest in an interactive dollhouse with lots of doors, furniture, and electric features.

Toy Cars

Toy cars are always fun to play with and are one of the simplest and best-looking play accessories to get for your play area.


Puzzles are perfect for quiet play time and for keeping tiny hands and brains busy while parents take a break and enjoy a snack.…

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Some Coffee Cake Recipes You Should Try

When you think about coffee-flavored cakes, what variation do you usually think about? There are so many kinds that are available that you may have a hard time choosing just one. Most people have tasted more than one variation of coffee cake in their lives. What about you? How many coffee cake recipes have you tried so far?

Since people just love coffee, they can imagine eating the coffee cake for breakfast. Some would even pair it with the espresso they have gotten from best espresso machines. They know that they will get the caffeine fix that they need. Take note that coffee cake is not only eaten for breakfast. Some would eat it as dessert after lunch or dinner.

Some people may think that a coffee cake is not right for them because they have never liked the taste of coffee. They may change their minds the moment that they see the different variations that are available.

Lemon and Coffee Cake

Lemon and coffee may not be the usual variation that you will see. The tangy taste of the lemon will fit well with the bittersweet taste of coffee. A lot of people also use these flavors with almonds as the almonds can also enhance the taste of the cake. It can also add the texture, the crunch that people may like in a cake. 

Sour Cream and Coffee Cake

People may become surprised that sour cream can actually be added as a flavor to coffee. One thing to remember is the taste of sour cream will not be too flavorful when added to the cake. You will surely taste the coffee but the sour cream will make the cake moist. A lot of people love moist cakes and it is highly likely that you would love this too. The taste of sour cream can become more evident through the frosting that will be used.

Coffee Crumble

This is one of the most popular coffee flavors that people have tried. There is something about coffee, crumble, and brown sugar that will be very nice to have. There are different recipes that will teach you how to make this type of coffee cake. You can always control how sweet this is going to be and if there are other ingredients that you will also place to make the taste better.

Apple and Coffee Cake

This may be another combination that people cannot think about having until they try it. Some people would use a baking mix as a base then the coffee will be added. You can choose to add fresh apples in between the cake or you may also use the apples on top as a topping. There will be a generous amount of brown sugar that will be placed on top of the apples to make the cake even more delicious.

Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

People have always mixed chocolate with coffee for a long time so this cake recipe will not be a surprise. You will just add chunks of chocolate in order to make this even more flavorful. People who love sweets will surely enjoy this type of coffee cake.

Can you still think of other coffee-flavored cake recipes that you want to try soon? There are so many choices that you may want to try for sure.…

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10 Reasons Why You Need an Attorney for Your Bakery Business

Whether your business is a bakery or any other sort of business, having a business attorney to assist in advice and legal matters is important. There are things like agreements that need to be drafted, reviewed, and edited to ensure that everything is in favor of the business. There are also clients, suppliers, and other people that the business has to deal with, and at times you might need a lawyer to step in. There is also legal representation in court, and there is nothing as good as having a lawyer that knows everything about your business. In this article, we are going to look at the importance of an attorney for your business.

Protect Against Lawsuits

As a Baker, you get to deal with foodstuff, and the reality is that you are bound to face several challenges that could end up in courts. In such cases, having a lawyer that is on your side could turn out to be the best thing in your life. The can help the business fight and even reduce the charges.

Mitigate Damages

In the event of a lawsuit, having a lawyer can be advantageous since they can help mitigate the charges against the business. This is something that will depend on the truth coming from you as the business owner and the lawyer.

Contract Drafting

There are many contracts that are needed in any business, including the bakery business. You need to sign contracts with suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers for your pastry products. The best person to assist with the legalities is a lawyer, who can draft the contracts, review and amend any contracts, and single out things in contracts that can pause a danger to the business. A contract that isn’t checked by a lawyer can sink a business very fast.

Business Incorporation

When incorporating a business, we need to have someone that is familiar with the process so that we can avoid any legal implications that might challenge our business. That is the work of a business lawyer, who will know exactly what to.

State and Federal Compliance

Most people really don’t know or understand state and federal laws regarding businesses, and it gets even more confusing because different states tend to have slightly different laws. The laws could revolve around taxes, rules and regulations, business dealing across other states, and many more. A good business lawyer would be well versed with all of the laws and will ensure that your business is complying adequately.

Employee Issues

As the business grows, we will need to employ people to assist with various tasks. We are all aware that employees can sometimes become troublesome, or it could even be a problem hiring good employees. The presence of an attorney will most likely diminish the employee problems, whether it is the hiring process, compensations, agreements, dismissals, and other things that affect employees.

Filing for a Patent

When you come up with a new product or service, you don’t want someone stealing away the idea. This means that you will have to patent it. This is a process that you might not understand, and it could be costly if you were to do it yourself. It could also end up taking up a lot of your time, which could have been spent doing other things. Another problem is that these patents are usually very hard to get approved. A patent lawyer would know how best to go about all of these things to ensure that you get your patents, at the right price, and on time.

Buying or Selling a Business

Purchasing or selling a business entails many legal implications that you might not understand. It isn’t the same as selling or buying a car and involves many things such as valuation, acquisition and purchasing agreements, permit and license transfers, among other things. Let your attorney get that done for you smoothly instead of running into future problems. It will also ensure that you get the best value or money in your investment.

Environmental Issues Impact Your Business

There are many federal laws that have come up lately as people scramble to save the environment. Some of these laws could affect your business without your knowledge and could end up getting you into trouble. One way of avoiding these could be lawsuits is by complying with the laws. A good business lawyer understands all the laws and is best positioned to advise you. They could also come to the defense of your business in the event that you’re taken to court.

Business Structural Decisions

Being the owner of the business, it is a big temptation for you to want to do all the structuring yourself. You should try and avoid this since there are many things that you might not understand such as liabilities, tax obligations, setup fees, ongoing expenses, and employee-related concerns. You will need to get someone that understands these concerns to ensure that in the future you don’t run into legal problems.

Legal Bay Lawsuit Funding

Moving away from hiring an attorney for your business, we are now going to tackle lawsuit funding. In the event that you have a lawsuit that is ongoing and yet you still need funds for treatment due to personal injury, rape, or something that happened and is associated with the case, you can get lawsuit funding. You might not have the funds to treat yourself but you can get loans or cash advances before the lawsuit comes to an end. That is what is referred to as lawsuit funding. In this part of the article, we are going to tackle some of the most common questions regarding lawsuit funding. Legal Bay Lawsuit Funding answers all of these questions on their website since it is a company that helps people gets access to loans or cash advances. Their website has a non recourse lawsuit loan Q & A, some of the questions listed below:

  • What benefits are associated with pre-settlement funding? To pay bills while the case continues.
  • Why not opt for a bank loan instead? You don’t want to add debt when you can get money before the case settles.
  • How does one identify a good lawsuit settlement funding company? Ensure that they are a direct funding source and won’t use brokers.
  • What does the word ‘fees’ refer to? Any rates charged to you related to the lawsuit settlement funding.
  • Do funding companies check employment history and conduct credit checks? No.
  • What should one expect to pay? Compound interest of between 1.99% per month to 3.99% per month.
  • Is one giving up their rights by taking pre-lawsuit funding? No.
  • What of my lawyer? He will advise on the best way forward.
  • How does the approval process work? You fill the application, the company liaises with your attorney, and you get funding depending on the expected value of the case. The cash should be released in a couple of days depending on the specific situation or case.


Always have a business lawyer at hand to help with any legal issues regarding the business. In the event that you finally end up in court and even need pre-lawsuit funding, you might want to consider the services of Legal Bay Lawsuit Funding. Remember, lawsuit funding is expensive and you should only take what you need.…

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8 Benefits of a Hobby or Leisure Activity

Most of us have something that we like doing during our free time. It could be watching television, cooking, going hiking, eating, or even playing video games. I personally love baking cakes since it gives me a feeling of accomplishment, and they can generate some extra cash when I sell them. Being a baking lover also means that I get to attend baking classes as a hobby. Everyone has their cup of tea when it comes to hobbies. In this article, we are going to take a look at 8 benefits of hobbies and leisure activities.

Hobbies relieve stress

When I bake, I take away all of the stress and tension of the day or week. Hobbies are the perfect distraction from your daily routines, making you feel healthier and more productive at the end of the day.

Hobbies are perfect reasons for breaks

When I think of taking a break from work to bake, I feel my adrenaline surging with excitement. Hobbies offer one a sense of purpose whenever you take a break and indulge in them. This is because one can have fun while getting something done, and this gives one a sense of satisfaction about life.

Opportunities for new challenges and experiences

One of the best things about hobbies is the fact that we actually get to enjoy the experiences, unlike work, which can lead to stress and pressure if you wish to succeed. I get to learn how to bake different types of cakes and pastries, no matter how complicated they might seem. This is a challenge that I actually enjoy.

Hobbies offer the opportunity to explore your talents

You can never tell what your capabilities are until you try, and some of them might surprise you. At times I’m totally surprised when I bake things that I thought were impossible, my last one being a black forest cake. I love sugary things!

Hobbies can improve careers

One of the best ways of improving your performance at work is by taking part in a hobby. Hobbies can help one learn how to cope with work-life stress and think out of the box. Employers can get to see the passions one has to do something creative during their free time. Hobbies make people focus better at work.

Hobbies can also be a source of income

I mentioned earlier that I make extra cash from the cakes I bake by selling them. There are millions of people that make very decent incomes from their hobbies. They include artists, musicians, actors, internet geeks, and a host of other things.

Hobbies are perfect transitions to retirement

People that were used to working can find it very hard to get used to life once they retire. It is as if their lives lose purpose and that is something that can take some people to their graves earlier than they would have gone. Hobbies can give them something productive that they can focus on, no matter how simple their hobbies are. Hobbies also keep their social lives going. Baking can keep them busy and even make them meet other people with similar interests. There is nothing as delicious as grandma’s cookies!

Hobbies keep away bad habits and time wasting

I’m usually too busy baking to think of doing negative things. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop, the source of suffering and destructive behaviors in our societies. Hobbies keep us too busy to think of bad habits or negative behaviors, which can include gambling, alcoholism, and drugs.

Mobile VR Controllers

There are people whose hobbies are in tech, and particularly mobile VR controllers. They would be inspired by the information of Real New World regarding mobile VR controllers. It all started with the release of the Google Cardboard box that gave people a taste of virtual reality. Today there are many VR sets that people can choose from, both standalone and those that use mobile phones. Mobile controllers bring a whole new dimension to VR since they give greater control over your mobile VR world.

Common VR Controller Types

  • The common onboard control system
  • A touch control system, such as the Samsung Gear VR
  • Bluetooth control
  • Gamepads for mobile

Mobile Android VR Solutions

There is no standard for how an android mobile VR should look like or behave, and that makes it tricky choosing a mobile android VR. It would, therefore, be best to go for the ones that catch your interest.

iOS Controller Solutions

These face the same challenge as the android VR sets, the difference being that they have “MFi”, a game controller standard that was set by Apple.

The Future

The future of mobile VR controllers looks like it has a long way to go with things mobile data gloves or other more ergonomic gadgets coming into play. The control systems will be more advances and probably use muscle and nerve signals.


Hobbies are good and vary for different people. In my case, baking is a hobby that I wouldn’t give for anything. There are people whose hobby are technology and will, therefore, find the topic of mobile VR’s, that we have just discussed above very indulging. For other people, that could be the most boring thing they have ever encountered.…

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