A Guide To Moving Your Bakery To A New Location!

Your small bakery is now getting more customers and you want to move it to a new and better place. Relocation is a multi-step process and it is not just done without proper planning. You might lose your customers if you do it in an inappropriate way.

Just do it step by step so it can be done smoothly. Assign the tasks to your employees and divide the workload among them. Make sure it doesn’t take much of your time as it is not good to keep your customers waiting.

A Guide To Moving Your Bakery To A New Location!

A Guide To Moving Your Bakery To A New Location!

Consider the guide discussed below to have a less stressful and successful move:

Create a Timeline:

This is the first step where you would map out all the essential stages of your move. Set the schedule for each stage and discuss that schedule with every team member so they are present at every step of the move. Do an analysis of the time you would need to set up a new bakery. If you are moving from a small sized bakery to the medium one, it might take more than three months. It is always better to start as early as possible.

Design the New Place:

Keep all the information on the new place handy. What matters here is to get the best out of that place and it all depends on how you design the space. You should have blueprints of the space so you can see how thing are going to work out such as electrical outlets and storage space. Start designing, keeping the layout in front of your eyes. Moreover, keep an eye on the potential problems so you don’t face any when you have moved already.

Build Your Moving Team:

Obviously, you are not doing everything on your own. You require a team and build that team. You can hire people for particular tasks. It is great if you already have a team of employees. However, figure out your needs and see if you need someone other than your employees. Don’t forget to discuss points with your team. The team member would help you identify problems and their solutions.

Conduct meetings and assign tasks:

Get together every now and then and discuss the progress. Every team member should have a list of assigned task to be completed so nothing is missed out. The work should not stop at any point of the move.

Hire movers:

Here we are talking about a moving company just like Umzugs. It is a Switzerland-based moving company that has been in the business for 10 years. If you are running your bakery in Luzern, this is the best company you can avail services of. They also provide storage services. You got your stuff moving but you now have a sudden change in plan and you don’t know where to get your belongings dropped, there is nothing to worry if you are working with Umzugs. Their storerooms have gotten you covered.

They are a team of professionals who would make your move totally stress-free. All you need is to send them a request and they will call you. They would also provide a free quote. You might be expecting a high price for such amazing services, but they are offering flexible pricing. Just tell them what and when you want. Things would be done on a reasonable price. The location of Umzugs- und Lagerservice in Luzern is also easy to find. They have contact information on their website as well. You must contact them for the best move.…

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Are You A Baker? You Can Run These Side Businesses With Your Bakery!

As a baker, opening your own bakery is quite an achievement. Now you have brought this goal of yours to fruition and it is time to set new goals. Successful are those who don’t stop dreaming. You should stick to your main profession but you still can do a lot more. There are businesses you can start with almost no cash. The best thing is; these kinds of work can easily be run with your main business.

Are You A Baker? You Can Run These Side Businesses With Your Bakery!

Are You A Baker? You Can Run These Side Businesses With Your Bakery!

What are these businesses? Read on to know!


Blogging is benefitting lots of people from almost every field. You are already a baker and that is a plus point for you. You can start your baking blog that your regular customer can follow. When you already have customers, it wouldn’t be that difficult to bring traffic to your blog. Share your recipes there and your working experience as a baker. You can earn money through affiliate marketing and ads.

Moreover, viewers can help you improve by giving suggestions and leaving comments. You would be killing 2 birds with one stone. You will be earning money as well as managing content for your bakery.

YouTube videos:

This is unlikely this you haven’t watched videos on YouTube. This is one of the most visited websites in this world and millions of users watch videos on it every day. You can initiate your own YouTube channel, that too about baking.

Just open YouTube and search for some baker, you will come to know that thousands of people actually come there to know about things. Again, running a bakery would be in your favor. Ask your customers to subscribe on your channel and let them the secret of your yummy bakery items.

You will be earning money with ads. Paid sponsorship is another way you can earn money. However, your videos should be worth seeing.

Give Baking classes:

Baking is your passion and so is of many others like you. You can start your training services where you make people learn tactics of baking and best of your recipes. You can make room somewhere in your bakery or, if your finances allow, get someplace on rent. Even a small place can work for a starter. The quality of audio should also be clear.


You might already be doing it at your home. You can easily turn it into the business by growing fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables and selling them. Markets are already full of artificial and unhealthy stuff. People sometimes need farm fresh vegetables and fruits that you will be providing them. Additionally, you would be enjoying all this for yourself too.

Or, you can make a certain vegetable your focus and specialty such as broccoli. Broccoli is also a cure for many diseases such as cancer prevention. It contains high fiber content that is really good for digestion. It has anti-inflammatory benefits and also improves bones health.

You don’t have to a pro in gardening to grow broccoli. Green Thumb Gardner can help you with this.  It is really easy that you can grow it in the fall months and spring. You only need four things to grow it; broccoli seeds, fertilizer, seedling trays, and container. The place where you are growing it should have full exposure to the sun.

Never grow tomatoes, pole beans, and strawberries with broccoli. These are not a good companion. You can grow rosemary, beets, onion, potatoes, sage, peppermint, and chamomile. You will find the detailed guide on the green thumb.…

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Tips To Redesign Your Bakery

Are you tired of looking at the same walls and the same décor as your bakery? If your answer is yes, then you are in serious need of a redesigning process of your bakery. Although you might love your bakery and you have a special attachment to it because this is the first décor you chose for it, a change is always good.

Keeping things exciting is what makes the job fun and one way to do that is to redesign your bakery.

Tips To Redesign Your Bakery

Tips To Redesign Your Bakery

Here are some tips to make the design better and change the overall look:

  1. What is your inspiration?

We all have things we like and look up to. Whether this is our favorite art, cartoon, architecture, or hotel, there is always something you can take back from these places. When you consider redesigning your bakery, you need to dig deep and find these inspirations. One of the best ones that I have come across are the hostels in Prague. The advantage hostel is one of a kind because it has comfort and it also is beautiful in its décor. They prove that you can keep everything simple yet make the things as stylish as is possible.

There are several places in Europe which you can look at for inspirations. The cafes, bakery, food shops and other such stores are one of a kind. You will not find such perfect ideas anywhere else. If you want more inspirations, you should watch movies where the main story revolves around a café.

They will show you the inside and the outside structure of the café. The colors used and the complimenting furniture is a good way to see how well the items will match together. It is always better to see your imagination before you act on it.

  1. Are there specific colors that you want in your bakery?

Colors play a very important role in highlighting the benefits and the overall look of your bakery. Although you might like dark colors, if there is less sunlight entering your bakery then you should not go with them.

Such mixings and matching should be given a lot of thought because once you paint the walls, it will cost you a lot to repaint them. Especially when you are using dark colors, the process takes much longer.

Another thing that you can do is stick to the colors of your logo. No matter what they are, if you want things to be systematic, you can incorporate the same colors on your walls, furniture, paintings, and other items you add. When everything is placed together, it will all make sense and things look very attractive.

  1. Is comfort an important aspect of your remodeling?

Before you start the redesigning process, you need to determine the core things that are your priority. If you just want the look to improve and become better, that is alright. You should focus on the outer aspects only. If you want to redesign your bakery and make it more attractive and more comfortable, then you need to look at many other things too.

Making something comfortable is not difficult if you pick the right materials and fabrics. Most persons want to sit on a sofa which supports their back. Some people want the lights to be soft so that their eyes are not bothered. These little things increase the comfort level immediately.

Some individuals think that because of the structure of their bakery, they cannot focus on the comfort level. This is a false concept. You can make anything more comfortable as long as you be smart.…

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The Most Popular Cake Flavors You Should Have Tried by Now

There are a lot of events wherein the cake is considered to be the centerpiece. In weddings, there is really a portion wherein the cake will be sliced. The details and the designs of the different cakes available have changed significantly over the past years. There are wedding cakes that come in a wide variety of colors. No matter how pleasing the way that the wedding cake looks like, what matters is that the taste is perfect.

There are various cake flavors that have become available over the years. There are some that are already expected such as vanilla. There are other more common cake flavors that you should have tried by now.

The Most Popular Cake Flavors You Should Have Tried by Now

The Most Popular Cake Flavors You Should Have Tried by Now

If you are a coffee lover, you know that a coffee-flavored cake will be ideal for you. You have tried Espresso Gusto and have liked it tremendously. You would like to see various coffee flavors to become incorporated into the cake that you are going to try. There are even some non-coffee drinkers that love the taste of coffee surprisingly when placed in cakes.

These are some of the popular cake flavors that you should try at this point:

  • Red Velvet – There are a lot of people who just love the taste of red velvet. They feel that this is the perfect taste because it is a mix of both vanilla and chocolate. The texture of this cake is usually smooth and it is mixed with cream cheese that a lot of people love.
  • Chocolate – Who says that chocolate is a cliche cake flavor? It is a popular cake flavor for a reason – this is known to be very good. There are also many variations of the usual chocolate cake at this point. If this needs to taste more elegant, you can always choose to pair it up with orange. This can also be mixed up with strawberry for a more sophisticated taste.
  • Lemon – There are a lot of people who would like to try something different but will not be too different from what they are used to. Citrus flavors are always refreshing and lemon-flavored cakes will always taste amazing with cream. There are some people who choose to mix this with other fruity blends but there are also some who are already happy with the lemon and buttercream flavor mix.
  • Coconuts and Lime – There are a lot of people who have not tasted this combination before. The moment that they do, they start becoming happy with what they can get. The flavor of this cake is just amazing especially for people who would like to feel like they are in the tropics.
  • Champagne – Are you surprised that there is a cake flavor that is called champagne? This is actually good especially if it would be mixed up with a great frosting. Some would add some wine-flavored custard to it or even Bavarian. You can choose depending on the available frostings that will complement the cake flavor.

Are you curious to taste the different cake flavors that are mentioned above? You will surely make your taste buds happy.…

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