Become a Baker and Make Money from Home

Everyone can use a bit of extra money from time to time.  Extra spending money always comes in handy on those rainy days when everything just goes wrong for no reason, for those remodel and renovation projects, when it comes to buying school accessories or when you have a few outstanding bills to catch up on.  Baking is a great way to make money from home.  Baked goods are a consumable item for which there will always be a demand which means there is always a possibility to do business no matter where you are located.  If you love baking, have a bit of extra time on your hands and want to make extra money then this is definitely a great home based business to consider.

Become a Baker and Make Money from Home

Become a Baker and Make Money from Home

Decide on your baking angle

Before you get into shopping for bakeware you should decide on your baking style and product list.  Some home-based bakers only cater for special events and focus on baked platters, desserts, and cakes.  Other bakers prefer to focus on cake baking and love to create beautiful and unique birthday party theme cakes, wedding cakes, anniversary cakes and even general cakes for events.  Some bakers prefer to stick to small treats like cookies, biscuits and more and distribute their baked goods at various fuel stations and even at other stores.  Decide on the type of baked goods you would like to make the most so you can buy the right tools for that specific category.

Choose your baker’s name

You will need to create an image for yourself whether you are only baking occasionally or decide to make this your full-time career.  A good bakers name will help people identify you and will enable you to promote successfully online so you can reach more customers, inform more people of your baked goods and make a success of your business.

The first tool you will need to buy

A stand mixer is the one type of appliance you will need no matter what type of baking you decide to do.  Stand mixers are perfect for high volume baking because you can mix a whole lot of dough at the same time, get your recipes mixed and fluffed a lot quicker and the quality and texture of baked goods are just so much better when you use a professional mixer.  Click here to find out more about all the best stand mixers on the market so you can get your bakers collection going.

Shop the rest

Now that you have a name and know what type of baked goods you will be providing you can start shopping for all those other appliances, tools and cutlery you will need for baking.  It is important not to overstuff your kitchen with baker’s tools because many tools will end up taking a whole lot of unnecessary space. Stick to the basics and work your way up from there.

Start promoting and selling

Now that everything is in place you can start promoting your bakers goods online on social media sites and start taking orders for baked goods.  It might be a good idea to make a few examples of your baked goods so you can photograph these foods for marketing content and show customers what you are capable of.…

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Fishcakes for Your Culinary Pleasure

The fisherman in your life undoubtedly accosts you with various fish with which to create some sort of delicacy. And though we are all familiar with fried and smoked and broiled versions, they do get a bit old. So, when your beloved fisherman decides to try some new fishing experience, it is only fitting that you learn about fishcakes for your culinary pleasure (and his).

Whether he is going to try Playa del Carmen fly fishing or ice fishing, there is going to be some sort of cooking required. So, don’t be too scared to send him off to Cozumel where he can venture somewhere near the Mayan Rivera coast for some incredible fly fishing. Instead, spend a little time with us as we learn all there is to know about fishcakes that will make his catch worth the eat.

Fishcakes for Your Culinary Pleasure

Fishcakes for Your Culinary Pleasure

What in the World is a Fishcake?

If you have visions of fish shaped confections you would be sorely mistaken, and possibly disappointed. Of course, using your beloved fisherman’s catch to make one of those would be all the more disappointing we imagine. No, fishcakes are traditionally made of a mix of codfish, eggs, and mashed potatoes. But from whence did they come?

A publication out of Boston, The American Frugal Housewife (learn more), first included a recipe for this strange combination back in 1833. At the time, they were called fish balls and people generally ate them at breakfast time. It was a New Englanders concept, but they were apparently not the only people who felt the food was worthy of continued existence. We can say, that those in Nova Scotia preferred them with an addition of onions though.

You might be surprised to note that this wasn’t a meal that was only associated with frugal housewife meals. In fact, there were a good deal of upscale restaurants that included the recipe on their menus. Believe it or not, they were even putting it on at the Ritz! And there were a great deal of arguments over whose fish balls were the most delicious.

Though we’re not sure how the fish balls morphed into fishcakes, we do know that they are just as popular now as they were over a hundred years ago. There are so many fishcake recipes available you would be hard pressed not to find one your dear fisherman would love. Here are some great examples.

A Unique Spin on an Old Favorite

A self-proclaimed “everyman” recently reinvented the fishcake. He has a unique spin on an old favorite. His fishcakes incorporate striped bass because he’d discovered quite the knack for snagging them. But, since they don’t freeze well, he realized they were something he’d have to cook up pretty quickly to enjoy them to the fullest of their potential. And, since fishcakes can be frozen and are apparently decent leftovers, he found his inspiration.

His recipe adds Old Bay, 2 tablespoons of Dijon mustard, and fresh dill from the garden when it’s available. There’s also breadcrumbs, scallion, shallot, parsley, mayo, cayenne, salt, and lemon juice. And, as long as you’re catching your own fish for the recipe it makes for a fairly inexpensive meal. Though he admits it is often challenging to have enough leftovers to freeze. But, if you really want to know more about how to make his fishcakes, here’s the link.…

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How To Choose A Bartending School

As much as many people don’t consider it a necessity, attending a bartending school has its many benefits.  Getting equipped with skills and taking your professionalism a notch higher makes all the difference. You should however keep in mind that not all the schools have been made in the same measure as there are some schools that are better than others hence you need to know what to look out for. Some of the factors to consider when looking for a bartending school include:

How To Choose A Bartending School

How To Choose A Bartending School


Every school has its own cost since everyone has their own pricing policies. As much as the cost differs, there are places that offer more value than others and hence you actually pay for what you get. When looking for a school therefore focuses on what comes at the cost and not only the cost. Most of the time, you will have to pay more for quality.


When looking for a bartending school, delve into looking for the extras they offer beyond the basic skills and drink memorizing techniques. There are some places that will even give job placements for their students. As much as we go to school to get equipped with knowledge and skills, the extras also go a long way.

Mode of study

When it comes to bartending schools, there are different modes of study that you can use. It can either be online or the brick and mortar method. Most of the time the brick and mortar mode of study will come at a higher cost because of the overhead costs that the school has to incur unlike the online platform. Good thing with a physical school is that it will have a simulated bar where you can do all practices you want. Even though you can do your practices from a kitchen, doing from a bar gives a different feel. Good thing with doing the practical sessions with others is that you can always learn from each other and that will help in improving your skill and creativity.

Accredited license

This is one thing that is over hyped even though it looks good. Most of the time the schools will use accredited license to attract clients but the truth is that the bartending licenses and certificates do not hold any value.

Number of drink recipes

The truth is that it does not matter the number of drink recipes offered as you don’t have to memorize all of them. Even though knowing many is a good thing, you only need the basic popular drinks. If you need more, you can always get the recipes online and many other sources.

Owners of the school

This is the most overlooked factor though it is very important. He one running the show is very important as you want an association with a reputable person and just not anyone. They are the ones that will determine the kind of quality you will get.

There are many bartending schools in Canada and if you are looking for a bartending school in Toronto you can find from the list of Toronto bartending schools.…

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Best Ways to Preserve Food Without Using Chemicals

Knowing the tricks to store different foodstuff can make the life easier and healthier for you. If you are a cooking fanatic, you would like to treat the ingredients correctly. Preserving is helpful when you have a bounty of produce in a particular season. This way you can prevent food from being a waste. Likewise, you can store the leftovers and keep them as fresh. There are some excellent food storage ways that you can practice in your kitchen.

Best Ways to Preserve Food Without Using Chemicals

Best Ways to Preserve Food Without Using Chemicals

In this article, you will find different ways to prevent your favorite foodstuff from spoiling:


This is one of the oldest preservation methods. Folks from old ages used natural means to absorb moisture from the food to be stored. This technique is in practice even these days in many areas such as Italy is popular for drying tomatoes by using only the rays of the sun. To dry herbs, fruits and vegetables, keep them in the sunny spots where there is no humidity. This is practical only in dry and warm climates. This is an old method but there is also a modern means where foods are dried with the electric dehydrating machine.


This method falls into the category of drying. The only difference is that salt is used to dry out the moisture from the products like meat and fish. This can also work for vegetables. 20% salt concentration is perfect for preserving meats and vegetables. Some people find it better than canned and frozen foods.


Ingredients you need for pickling are salt and acid in addition to the product you want to store. Items are stored by soaking them in a brine with salt. After they pickle for a required time, you transfer them to a separate jar with vinegar. Many folks try pickling, as it doesn’t alter the texture. Also, the produce gets a better level of vitamin B6 in the pickled vegetables.


Canning is an old technique of preserving food, developed by s French chemist. This method is popular for fruits, vegetables, and meat. Pressure canners have made this method even easier. Through pressure canning, the items are dealt with sterilization at a minimum of 240°F for the required quantity. Pressure canner now comes with advanced features but it is not really as complicated as it might seem.

You should be mindful of the features and quality of the pressure canner you have picked. It is important to choose the right product to make the storing process as effective as it should be. A good quality item would have warp resistant construction and robust material. As far as the cost is concerned, going for the cheapest one is not wise. Always put the quality first. Moreover, a good airtight seal is one essential feature you pressure canner should have. Capacity and warranty should also be on the list of factors you are supposed to consider before making a purchase.

You would also have the availability of electric pressure canners. Picking electric one or the other canner depends on your requirements. To get more details on canners, take a tour to


Almost everyone is aware of this method and most people prefer freezing to store food, although other methods are more effective. Things change their texture after going through the freezing process particularly fruits and vegetables. However, meats are good to go.

An excellent way to freeze the fruits or vegetables is doing it in batches.…

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